Permanent Staffing Services

About Our Service

Our permanent staffing services help organizations like yours find the talent you need to build strong teams for the long-term. We take care of sourcing, screening, and matching you with qualified candidates for permanent roles across all departments and levels.

Whether you’re looking for entry-level support or specialized senior executives, our recruitment experts and vast network will connect you to top permanent hire candidates who align with your requirements.

Streamline your hiring process while building a stellar workforce to drive your business forward. Our permanent staffing solutions take the guesswork out of recruiting.

Why Choose Your Talent Consultancy?

Industry Knowledge

Our long experience and connections in your industry allow us to source candidates who truly fit your needs. We understand your specific requirements.

Proven Screening

We thoroughly pre-screen every permanent hire candidate based on your role requirements before you interview. Feel confident every referral is qualified.

Customized Matching

Looking beyond just skills and experience, we get to know candidates to ensure the right “fit” with your workplace culture and teams.

Faster Hiring

Our rigorous process expedites hiring by screening out unqualified applicants first. You interview only the best shortlist of permanent candidates.

Lower Costs

Pay one predictable flat fee per hire. We handle sourcing, screening, HR, payroll and everything else in the recruitment process.

Top FAQs

We can fill most common permanent positions within 4-6 weeks. More specialized executive searches may take longer. Either way, we provide frequent status updates.
We handle offer negotiations, background checks, employment contracts, onboarding paperwork, and anything else needed to finalize the hire.
Yes, we offer replacement guarantees in case a candidate ends up not being the right fit. Just let us know within a set time period.
In addition to the onboarding we conduct, we’re happy to work with you to customize training so permanent hires are prepared for their roles with your company.
Our team, screening process, talent network, and hiring management all set us apart. But our top priority is understanding your needs to deliver ideal candidates.

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