About Our Recruitment Services

As a leading staffing agency and recruitment agency in Toronto, Your Talent Consultancy understands the challenges employers face in hiring. Our seasoned team of recruiters provides customised recruitment solutions to source, screen, and deliver top-tier candidates that align with your company’s unique requirements and culture.

With extensive experience supporting employers of all sizes and industries, we become an extension of your HR team and a trusted talent partner. Our employer-centric services include:

Executive Search & Leadership Recruiting

We meticulously identify C-suite and leadership talent through our networks and executive search recruiting tactics.

Direct Hire Placement

Our recruiters handle candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing and salary negotiation for direct-hire, permanent roles.

Contract & Temporary Staffing

We quickly staff contract, temporary and project-based needs with pre-vetted talent specialised in your niche.

Volume Hiring & Ramp-Ups

We tap our deep candidate pools for urgent hiring needs to deliver multiple skilled professionals quickly.

HR Consulting

Besides talent solutions, we offer workforce planning and outplacement services.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our seasoned team stays on top of the latest trends in talent acquisition and HR practices.

Data-Driven Guidance

Our recommendations are backed by analytics and insights, not guesswork.

Customised Approach

We tailor our solutions to your unique organisational needs and goals.

Proactive Partnership

We act as an extension of your team, not just a vendor.

“Our recruitment professionals combine market expertise, candidate knowledge, and passion for matching top performers with roles they'll thrive in.”

Why Employers Choose Us as Their Go-To Recruitment Agency

Some key reasons leading employers trust us for their talent acquisition include:

Industry Specialisation

We focus on specific industries like tech, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and more to provide targeted, effective hiring.

Local Market Expertise

Our deep roots in Canada allow us to attract candidates through our connections versus purely job boards.

Candidate Sourcing Capabilities

We utilise various techniques like social media recruiting and passive candidate outreach to access talent.

Proven Screening Process

We go above and beyond to find the perfect candidate for the job. Our process verifies skills, experience, cultural fit, and more. Trust us to provide you with the most qualified and suitable candidates.

Performance Guarantees

We stand behind our placements with replacement guarantees for added assurance.

Technology Integration

We leverage the latest ATS technology for efficient collaboration and visibility into hiring.

HR Compliance

Our HR experts are committed to ensuring legal compliance and minimising hiring risks.

"By prioritising your talent goals above all else, we provide an experience that feels like an extension of your trusted HR team."


Top FAQs from Employers on Our Recruitment Services

Our top specialities include technology, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, retail, and more.

We profile the role, source candidates through postings and networks, screen with interviews/assessments, recommend matched talent and facilitate hiring.

We can deliver vetted candidates within 1-2 weeks for urgent contracts or temporary needs. Permanent searches take 4-8 weeks on average.

“Trusted by leading employers for all hiring needs, Your Talent Consultancy has the expertise, networks and resources to address your talent acquisition priorities in Canada strategically. Contact us today to learn more! ”